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Neopet Ltd. at the Smarter Expo in Munich, Germany!

Thank you to all our current and future partners! It was a great pleasure for us to meet you and discuss the possibilities of cooperation.

19-21 June 2024

Business colaboration!


In a groundbreaking development that promises to reshape the landskape of business colaboration, Neopet Ltd. is thrilled to announce the signing a significant contract with one of Romania's most esteemed companies, Waldevar Energy. This strategic alliance marks a pivotal moment in both companies' trajectories, as they join forces to drive innovation, foster economic growth, and cultivate a collaborative spirit.The agreement spans the energy sector, reflecting the diverse expertise each entity brings to the table. Neopet known for its commitment to excellence and cutting-edge solutions, is poised to leverage its technological prowess to enhance various aspects of Waldevar's operations. This collaboration is not merely a contractual arrangement but a synergistic partnership that is set to redefine industry standards. We are elated to embark on this journey with Waldevar, a company that shares our commitment to innovation and excellence. Together, we aim to achieve new heights and set a new benchmarks for the industry. The total capacity of the project is 51 MW. The investor of this unique project is INVL - Lithuanian investment company, which invests in renewable energy facilities in the European Union. The objective of the fund is to invest and manage 200+ million EUR worth of solar and wind farms in the European Union. The fund is currently focusing on projects in Central East Europe.


Green H2 Plant - Neopet Ltd


Renewable electricity can be converted to hydrogen via electrolysis, which can couple continuously increasing renewable energy with all the end uses that are more difficult to electrify. This coupling also allows electrolysers to provide flexibility to the grid, complementing alternatives such as batteries, demand response and vehicle-to-grid in smart electrification.
NEOPET is developing the technology that, we can store this clean hydrogen compressed in specific tanks. And later, when we need energy, this element is channelled into a fuel cell, where we combine hydrogen with oxygen from the air to produce electricity and the only by product produced is water.

Green H2 Plant-Neopet Ltd.-02-01.jpg

Installation of Complete Transformer Station
and MV Switchgear!


Customer: Solar Service Ltd.

Neopet-Solar Service Ltd..jpg

Installation of Complete Transformer Station!


Customer: Samuilovo Solar Ltd.

Neopet-Samuilovo Solar- Ltd..jpg

Installation of Complete Transformer Station
and MV Switchgear!


Customer: Malenovo Solar Ltd.

Neopet-Malinovo Solar Ltd..jpg

Installation of Complete Transformer Station
and MV Switchgear!


Customer: Land Investment Ltd.

Neopet-Land Investment Ltd..jpg

Neopet Ltd. at the SOLAREX Turkey exhibition!


The Neopet company presents its products at the major international exhibition SOLAREX, Turkey. Customers from all over the world were familiar with the products and innovative solutions combined with a pleasant look.

SOLAREX Istanbul (Hall 6 - Booth C03)


Come and meet us at SOLAREX Istanbul (Hall 6 - Booth C03)!
Dates: 06-08 April 2023
Location: Istanbul, Expo Center, Turkey


New Product
Complete Transformer Station-MTSM36C5


On November 26, 2022, Neopet company officially presented the latest addition to its product portfolio – Complete Transformer Station type MTSM36C5.
The event took place in the company's production workshop in Stara Zagora, where guests had the opportunity to see live a fully equipped and ready-to-use facility.
The new product is a metal 20-foot container that contains a transformer station to step up an input voltage of 400 to 800 VAC from, for example, a photovoltaic plant and step it up to medium voltage 6.3/10/20 and 36 kV for the purpose of selling the electricity to power companies. The insulation voltage of the product is 36 kV.
The transformer substation combines everything necessary such as monitoring equipment, remote control and safety for a continuous process of production/transformation and sale of electricity, the company states.
The facility has a wide range of applications in the mining and chemical industries, the energy sector, including power distribution, oil and gas and renewable energy, and heavy industry.

Power Transformer Station-MTSM36C5.jpg
Power Transformer Station-MTSM36C5-026.jpg

Improve the existing transport infrastructure through reconstruction of trolley contact electrical grid and rectifier stations


Neopet Ltd. started a new project in municipality Sliven. Project had started with official ceremony together with major of town Sliven, Mr. Stefan Radev. The purpose of the project is improve the existing transport infrastructure through reconstruction of trolley contact electrical grid and rectifier stations ‘’ Drujba’’, ‘’Georgi Kirkov’’. During the reconstruction should be supplied and installed new DC switchgears, MV switchgears, dry type distribution transformers and other equipment.


Gas pipeline "Balkan Stream"


Neopet Ltd. finished all construction activities on gas pipeline "Balkan Stream" with installation of 20kV pole on site Vulchedrum.

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