Our Awards and Certificates

Whether we’re being commemorated for our high safety standards or for one of our successful projects, we want to share these exciting highlights with you. Take a look at our accomplishments and contact us.

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Construction Certificates

Neopet Ltd. has construction categories according to the Bulgarian legislation. Building of First group - high-rise construction.
Construction of a third group - construction of energy infrastructure.
Construction of a third group - construction of energy infrastructure.


Health & Safety Certification

Since 2015, Neopet Ltd. was awarded the Health & Safety Certification for our wide range of engineering work. Receiving this certification reminded us of the main reason we decided to go into this industry. We’ve been working hard over the years to set new standards for engineering, and we’re proud to be recognized as a leader in the field.

ISO 9001 standard for quality management of organizations with an auditor or manager in ba

Standard for quality management

Neopet Ltd. is certified that the quality management system is in accordance with the standard ISO 9001:2015 for the following fields of activity: Research, design, engineering and construction of residential, commercial and public buildings and facilities and adjacent infrastructure, including installation, pellet installations and their commissioning. Realization of investment projects, consultancy related to the investment process.

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Environmental management systems

The implementation of ISO 14001: 2015 is a good form for organizing the work process of Neopet Ltd., as it is an active management system and helps to build and continuously improve an effective management system in our organization, in terms of protection of environment.

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In June 2021, Neopet Ltd. received a certificate of membership in the Achilles. The certificate is for a silver supplier in the field of gas and oil, with subgroups Generators, Power Sources, Units and Accessories Switch / Control Equipment, Plugs, Connectors etc.

Certificate of Membership



Neopet Ltd. received a certificate from Issued by Schneider Electric Bulgaria EOOD that it is an official Schneider Electric Engineering Partner for MV and LV equipment